Fokker D.VIII – Fast forward

Fokker is more or less assembled, painted, varnished- and ready for some weathering. A few notes about the build: The wheel decals are tricky to apply; I messed up and made some tears. I will hide it with some dust & mud. The wheels attachment points are rather thin and they broke immediately; I replaced […]

Fokker D.VIII – wing

In this episode, I reach an important milestone and I realize I f***ed up pretty good. This build really tries my patience. My experience when it comes to airplanes has been so far with WWII vehicles only – and those usually go rather quickly: assemble cockpit, close the fuselage, attach wings, paint, add decals, weather, […]

Fokker D.VIII – armament

The Spandau lMG 08/15, nicknamed “The Devil’s Paintbrush”, was a derivative of the MG 08 machine gun, adopted for use on aircrafts. The original version was a 57-kg, sled-mounted infantry weapon based on the 1884 Maxim. It had a water-cooled barrel – the design included a 3.7 liters container of water, and was of a […]

Oberursel Ur.II Engine

The engine powering the Fokker D.VIII aircraft was a German-produced Oberursel Ur.II Engine, which was a straightforward, unauthorized (pirated) copy of the French Le Rhône. The Oberursel copy was supposedly more error-prone than the French original – which could be explained by the fact that the Germans had to substitute the original lubricant – castor […]

Fokker D.VIII – cockpit

This was supposed to be a step-by-step building log, but I realized I suck at this. I studied the instructions carefully, trying to plan my steps – building the cockpit requires a well choreographed sequence of bulding, painting and applying decals. The sequence suggested in the instructions is probably correct, but I had to be […]