Albatros D.Va – cockpit

Well this is how the kit interior looks like

Great paintjob BTW

Yes, that’s more or less it. There’s also a seat and a very simplified control stick – and guess what, this void interior can be perfectly seen after closing the fuselage.

And this is how it should look like:

Now, I could probably shelve a few bucks and buy an upgrade set (like this one from Eduard https://www.eduard.com/eduard/albatros-d-v-pe-set-1-72.html provided I can find it anywhere), but where’s the fun in that?

So instead I spent a whole day scratchbuilding the interior. Would you believe I’ve never done this before?

Macro mode is merciless though.

BTW, the most helpful resource was the building instructions from the Wingnut Wings kit in 1/32nd scale – http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/vEF754EA7/www/products/model_kitsets/32009/online_instructions/32009%20Albatros%20D.V.pdf

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