Albatros D.Va – interior finished

I threw my macro lens through the window.

Stuff that looks more or less ok looks like complete garbage when magnified.

And I build quite a lot of stuff for the Albatros cockpit. The kit provided just the seat and a very simplified control stick, and it looked just… empty. So, I added a few items:

Smartphone “macro” seems more forgiving
  • Detailed control stick and rudder pedals;
  • Compass;
  • Water and fuel pumps;
  • Dashboard;
  • Machine gun support with the tachometer;
  • Ammo box and ammo tape box;
  • Safety belts.

Also, the engine bay needed some upgrades – I added the fuel and oil tanks.

Oil tank. Painted with Green Stuff World copper – perfect paint BTW.

I assembled and painted the engine, trying my best to make it look interesting (I failed). For an instant I considered upgrading it to a resin part from Small Stuff Models – but it would be more expensive than the kit itself, and I promised myself not to spend any extra $$$s on this build.

It’s basically black

So, almost ready to be closed, save for two conundrums:

  1. The area around the engine will be extremely hard to mask for painting. I am considering painting it before closing the fuselage. It is actually not that bad an idea, as these panels will be a different color anyway;
  2. The engine alignment is tricky as it interferes with the machine guns – I think I will have to glue them before installing the engine.

And so it goes. Great learning experience so far!

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