Albatros progress update

I changed my mind. I planned to paint the Albatros in uniform green, as suggested by some reference data.


But – I decided it’s was not a good idea at all. First, the reference data is unclear – the plane in question could be green, could be gray, could be “factory fresh” – depends on whom you ask. Another issue is that plain green is just … plain and boring. Last but not least, I was not able to find the proper decals, so I had to find something that can be replicated with masking tape and paint. Luckily, there is another reference aircraft available:


Most people (on the forums at least) agree that it was painted in “factory finish”, which means clean doped linen wings, clean varnished plywood and light gray paint on the metal sheet lining. Something like this:

Much better!

Now, progress has been rather slow lately. I closed the fuselage, painted the “simulated plywood” with oil paints over Tamiya Deck Tan – and applied clear varnish when dry. This took me a few days, as everything had to dry properly. The metal parts were hand-painted with Vallejo Model Color.

Before varnish

The simulated fabric on the tailplanes were painted over a base of Deck Tan (again) with careful masking with a 0.4mm tape.

Next, machine guns and finally – wings.

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