2019 in pictures

My New Year resolution for 2019 was to build more aircrafts – and well, build more aicrafts I did.

I also built some AFVs.

I painted two figures.

And I made this guy, which is a 3D printed rendition of a model I created several years ago.

Now, all these builts are finished. I also have a few that I started and did not finish – yet:

I also started a few builds which finished in trash for different reasons. Most of the cases it was me f***g up at some point…

… which brings me to my 2020 New Year Resolutions:

  • Work on one build at a time;
  • Or at least not start anything new until I finish what I have already started;
  • No new kits until I clear my stash.

… sounds easy. Happy New Year!

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