Random update

So, what’s up?

The Christmas/ New Year break rather busy, with little time to do any creative stuff. Still, I managed to squeeze in a few hours.

I put together the Friul tracks for the T-26 kit I assembled and painted earlier. The original tracks (the kit is from HobbyBoss) were plain terrible. This was the first time I used the metal stuff from Friulmodel and I am in love.

I did some work on the Polikarpov Po-2. The kit (ICM 1/48) is rather mediocre, but it goes together somehow. I bought a replacement resin engine, as the original one was not that great. Other than that, out of the box so far, save for the scratch seatbealts.

Last but not least, I started a parallel build – Harrier Hurricane in 1/72nd from Airfix. Nice kit BTW, the cockpit details are superb out of the box, I just added some masking tape seatbelts:

Then suddenly, treason! The instrument panel is just a decal. Too big, I might add.

This might be OK in the 70’s, but you could expect more from a newly tooled kit

The fuselage and the wings assembly go together pretty well – there is no noticeable seam between, but some sanding is required in the nose area.

I primed the whole thing using Stynylrez primer. I used this primer for the first time, and I absolutely love it. It sprays great, levels itself magically and is pretty durable when sprayed. Highly recommended.

That’s it, folks! Stay tuned.

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