Hurricane Mk I Airfix 1/72

First build of 2020 is finished!

A quick and simple build which was mostly meant as a distraction. The kit is a Hawker Hurricane Mk I from Airfix in 1/72nd scale. The aircraft itself (referencing RAF 85 Squadron in May 1940, France) is an early version, with fabric-covered wings. See https://www.scalemates.com/kits/airfix-a01010-hawker-hurricane-mki–246322 for details.

Given the fact that the kit is like $5 and can be bought in a grocery store – the quality is exceptional. The cockpit details are exquisite (save for the abysmal instruments panel) – the only thing missing are the safety belts, which I added using masking tape:

The exterior details are pretty amazing – precisely engraved panel lines – check, subtle stressed fabric on the wings and fuselage- check, recessed rivets – check, clear and thin glass – everything is there. The fit is not perfect, but I had no major problems. Also, some flash needs to be removed.

I painted the model using my standard combination of random back-and-forth of blackbasing, post-shading and oil-based washes. Some new things I tried:

  • Stynylrez primer – absolutely perfect, magic stuff – highly recommended.
  • Paper-based masks – I simply made a copy of the box artwork, enlarged it appropriately, cut out with scissors and secured to the model with blue-tack. Works like a charm and gives a high level of control – the RAF camouflage was standardized and painted with rubber templates, so it needs to be repeatable – paper masks are the way to go.
  • Vallejo gloss varnish – piece of crap really, it didn’t want to fully dry and remained tacky for a week or so, making the application of decals and washes harder than it needed to be.

Anyway, here it is. Let’s move on.

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