My name is Leszek and this is my blog about miniature modeling.

I am a software development manager, working full time at maximizing the efficiency of the software engineering team in an insurance company.

Other than that, I am a husband and a father of three boys.

Building plastic kits has been my hobby since primary school – back at that time, it used to be a popular hobby, with most of the boys in my class putting together what was available back then.

In my teenager years, I moved to miniature wargaming, battling on the many fields of the grim dark future where there is only war.

After that, studies, work, family and all of that adult life somehow took over and I stopped doing anything creative for more than 10 years.

Then, my kids showed me the World of Tanks game – and I bought some trademarked kits for them to put together. Ultimately it was me who did that, and that is how the hobby started again.

Two years passed, I glued some stuff, I learned a lot, and … this blog is a documentary of my adventures – from now on. Maybe it will be of any use for others.